Adult Cat

Veterinary care for adult cats is just as important as it was when they were kittens. It is essential to keep cats up to date on vaccinations and have them regularly examined by their doctor. It is also important that a pet owner is able to afford the expense of caring for their cat's unexpected health problems. To make it easier for our clients to cover the costs of their kitty's care Janssen Clinic has designed a cost-effective payment plan.

The Adult Cat Wellness Program includes:

  • 2 Extended Wellness Pet Exams Annually
  • All Vaccinations (FVRCCP, FelV and Rabies)
  • 1 Dental Cleaning, Polishing, and Fluoride Treatment including Anesthesia.
  • 1 Fecal Analysis
  • 2 Medical Problem Exams *
  • 2 Medical Problem Recheck Exams *
  • A Pet Primer Class - A How-To for grooming, giving meds, toothbrushing, and lots more
  • 3 Days of Kitty Day Care (can be used for medical needs)

*All other professional services, lab work, referral consults, medications, or hospitalizations not included. Services provided at other clinics, hospitals, and emergency centers are not included.

In order to remain eligible for this plan or the services entitled to you your account must be current. Your pet must be healthy at the time of enrollment. Dr. Janssen reserves the right to determine health status.


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  • "We have a 5 star rating from 99.1% of our clients!

    We've been bringing our pets to Janssen Clinic since 1998. Dr. Janssen and his team are the best. I never struggle trying to get in for an appointment & they are so kind and good with my pets. Dr. Janssen is very calm & caring. My dog is high strung & extremely attached to me. She calms down quickly in their office, however, because of their ability to soothe her. We wouldn't go anywhere else."
    - Sharon and Kendall D / Middleton, WI