A First Well Puppy Examination and Consultation costs $63.48. The price includes a thorough physical examination and consultation time with the veterinarian. Dr. Janssen encourages you to bring a list of questions so that he may answer them for you. We take the time to help you understand the needs and quirks of your new friend. If your puppy has a medical or surgical problem, Dr. Janssen will help with a medical consult to determine the extent and cause of the problem and to implement proper therapy. If laboratory tests or procedures are necessary, we always offer you a written estimate before we do them. Vaccinations may include distemper, hepatitis, paravirus and parainfluenza.

Three to four weeks after the first set of vaccinations, your puppy will need another check-up and booster shots of the original vaccinations.

In addition, if their lifestyle will include exposure to ticks, or an anticipated trip to a boarding kennel we will recommend vaccination against Lyme Disease and Kennel cough, respectively.

During this time your puppy is growing quickly and it is important to keep a close eye on its health. Therefore, Dr. Janssen again thoroughly examines your pet and vaccinates it only if there are no problems which may diminish the effectiveness of the vaccines. The second Well Puppy Exam and Consultation includes twenty minutes of consultation time as well as the physical examination.

A third set of vaccinations may be necessary in some cases. This set is usually administered three to four weeks after the second set. Dr. Janssen will do a final thorough examination and answer any questions. The third Well Puppy Exam and Consultation includes up to twenty minutes of consultation time. Your puppy will now be protected against most transmissible diseases for one year.

Vaccines work by stimulating the same cells in the body's immune system that a viral or bacterial disease would. Once these cells have been stimulated, they reproduce themselves and form a population of cells specifically dedicated to fighting one disease. A second vaccine, given after this population of cells has had time to form, BOOSTS the activity of these cells, greatly increasing their ability at fighting the disease. Not only are they more active at fighting specific diseases, but some of them become what are known as memory cells, which are long lived and have the ability to "remember" that certain disease entities must be attacked. Even memory cells eventually die off though, unless they are periodically exposed to their disease, or a vaccine of the disease. Please understand that vaccinations that are stored or given incorrectly, or are given to pets that are not in good health, may NOT provide adequate immunity.

The examination, and the vaccinations given by trained personnel, help to ensure that your pet is provided with the level of protection that you expect - the best!

All prices subject to change without notice.

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